On the soft side of integration

So I got myself a blog. The plan is to blog on the professional side of my life. Which means I have to figure out where I stand in the world of EAI, SOA and the like, since that’s what we’re all about at Zystems. Thing is, I started out at Zystems doing strictly development work. Since I had done that for the last decades (not only at Zystems, though), I made a conscious decision a couple years back to drop the tech stuff more and more and go for the softer spots. Which means that I ended up managing our Systems Integration Concept, Baseline (hence the name of this blog). Colleagues and peers (check the blogroll) will no doubt keep pounding out tech stuff, so that will not be my niche. Instead, I’ll use this blog to help myself outline my new professional profile. What, if anything, is my contribution in the fuzzy area that deals with things like training, product development, conceptualization, project management, pre-sale, and all the other odd bits and pieces that I find myself doing at the job?

4 responses to “On the soft side of integration

  1. Good on you mate. Another blogger and I am glad it´s you! You have so much wisdom to share!

  2. Yeah! About bloody time 😀

  3. Martin has a blog! Cool! Keep the good work up!

  4. Great news!

    MrMQ wishes you luck 😉

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