The Next Big Thingy?

With much apparent hullabaloo, IBM recently acquired AptSoft, a small US software vendor focusing on CEP (Complex Event Processing). Googling on AptSoft will generate reams of hits mostly linking to various IT publications commenting on the acquisition; here is but one of them. It’s funny how comments about this refer to how CEP is superior to “traditional BPM tools”, as if these were more or less commodity among the companies of the world, when the fact of the matter is that these tools are only starting to be employed by vanguard enterprises, at least from our vantage point here in the Nordics. Maybe it’s different in other parts of the world, although I wouldn’t bet on it.

In typical IBM fashion, this is also SOA. And eventually, since we’re an IBM partner in the SOA sphere, this will be another technology to investigate. Hooray!

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