Vegas – Summing Up

So – that was Vegas. Vegas is a bit like a freak show: you watch it with a mixture of fascination and horror. In the final analysis, it is not a place I wish to visit too often. It is all surface – (almost) nothing is for real. The only time I felt grabbed was when we visited the bar with the dueling pianos at New York New York. Professionalism and showmanship swept me away, as good music sometimes can do. Being an amateur musician myself, I really can appreciate musical craftsmanship when I run across it, and this was it. Hearing those guys pound away at Bohemian Rhapsody was a real treat (even though my initial awe was somewhat subdued the next day, when I passed the bar and heard it again. Maybe not as improvised as it seems?)

Thursday was mostly spent in meetings and some additional test-taking (passed the Message Broker Developer test, flunked the MQ Designer test). We really got some pretty good attention from various IBM:ers – always encouraging.

Friday morning I got myself introduced to WSRR, something we at Zystems are about to start working with in earnest.

We finished of with a slow afternoon by the pool and dinner (featuring a monstrous Bone-In Ribeye steak) at Mon Ami Gabi. Well worth a visit. It was actually the best meal we had all week – cooking in Vegas is pretty bland if you ask me.

On the way home, United managed to screw up so we missed our connection in Washington. We ended up 6 hours late, courtesy of Air France. Our luggage is still adrift somewhere between Vegas and Gothenburg. Two out of three times this has happened to me when going to the states – not an impressive track record for the US domestic aviation industry!

All in all it was a terrific week from a professional standpoint. Lots of useful info, a few certificates and meetings that have the potential to really boost business if we manage to capitalize on it.

Next year Impact will be held at the Venetian, also in Vegas. Not being a Vegas fan, I think I pass up my place for a colleague more into plastics than I am 🙂 .

[Update: I just visited Air France’s web-site, and my luggage has apparently arrived in Gothenburg. So hopefully I will have it back this afternoon so my family can get their gifts!]

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