Expanding our Horizons

It is quite clear from recent months’ events that our customer base is maturing rapidly toward SOA and BPM. Stuff like WSRR and WPS have been around for a couple of years, yet interest from customers have been lukewarm at best. No real business has been generated, and I must admit I despaired a little a while back, thinking that we would never get the chance to get real SOA dirt under our fingernails.

Well, not any more. We have several customers already in possession of WSRR and DataPower. Many are on the verge of embarking on the BPM-track with WPS. Excitement is in the air, and I really can’t recall a time in Zystems’ history where opportunity leaped at us quite like this. Only problem is to keep up with the challenges of absorbing all this.

Our immediate challenge right now is to investigate the extent to which our Baseline Concept model could serve as the core of a WSRR ontology. This would finally land us with a platform that could leverage all the benefits our model could bring in terms of things like dependency tracing. The farthest we’ve got in this area is our Wiki-based Baseline Service Registry, but it is based on a proprietary product (Confluence from Atlassian) and a bit cumbersome to work with. Having WSRR host this model is very exciting prospect indeed for Mr Baseline!

Keep checking back, I’ll report on our contingent progress on this.

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