Monthly Archives: February 2009

Life in the Trenches of the Recession

I haven’t blogged for some time, and returning to this site I browsed some old posts (somewhat embarrassingly, I have to admit I’m a bit like Snoopy, who says in one of the strips: “I’m a great admirer of my own writing” 🙂 ). Reading posts from last spring, I realize that they were written in a completely different climate. Since then, the world has gone from euphoria to depression in a few short months.

We did indeed have a few rocky turns during the fall, but now we’re back on track, with a healthy batch of new customers lining up. Why is this?

Well, when we started up Zystems in 2001, we actually had a similar (albeit less dire) situation. What we focused on back then were cost savings and ROI, and we generated loads of business with that message. Then, when the good times rolled a few years later, we lost focus of this message, basically since it didn’t apply to our customers. It took us some time to get our focus back, but once we did, the same magic reappeared, and customers listened again.

So now, with a message of structured EAI and SOA, with a focus on quick wins and cost cuts, we’re back on track. As an old Swedish proverb goes: “Shoemaker, stick to your last”, meaning do what you’ve always been good at.