The Larger Picture

Just over the last couple of weeks, interest and queries from customers have prompted us to dust of a start kit that has been waiting for action in the marketplace for a couple of years. The start kit in question is the Integration Center Start kit. Apparently what is happening (finally, if you ask me) is that people who have been struggling with getting their ESB and SOA initiatives of the ground are gathering momentum and  experience, and many find themselves in a position where they want to get a bit organized and maybe start applying some governance to increase the value of their investment. We are experiencing a lot of interest in our approach, again focusing on clarity and simplicity, like with all our start kits. Now, if an ESB is complicated to get up and running, it is nothing compared to an Integration Center. An ESB is a technical thing, and mastering it is within the reach of most skilled software engineers. Architecting solutions is more complicated, but can still be fairly formalized. Stepping up to the organizational level, we start engaging with people, a notoriously difficult species, steeped in power struggles and politics as they are.

What we are offering in our start kit is a realistic map which our customers can use to get off in the right direction. We do stress the fact that their particular road will be unique, but if they get a map and a few tools to survive the trekk, their chance of getting to a place where an Integration Center starts paying off will increase, and they will get there quicker.

We have some really juicy prospects lined up, and hopefully will land some of them in the near future. Hopefully I will be able to post som war stories soon, so check back!


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